Sunday, December 30, 2012

Not Just My Story

Everyone has a story to tell & everyone has there own cross to bear & I never thought I'd be here fixin to turn 60 with so many regrets & wish I'da done's.

We were in Burger King before Christmas & while Caleb was getting our breakfast I couldn't help but hear two old men talking. Well actually, one was doing all the talking & the other was either listening intently or asleep. It wasn't so much what the man said, but more my realization that he was telling his son's whole life story to the other man. Even while listening I thought WHY is he telling all this personal stuff in such detail & so publicly? I kept thinking if I were his son, well I wouldn't want my life story just blurted out for everyone to hear.

Guess what a blog is?!

This is the main reason I've never attached my real name to my blog. Those that know me, & if I want them to know, know I have a blog  & those that don't just happen across a somewhat anonymous story. Also if no real names are attached it could stand as fiction & hopefully no legal mess could ensue. Alas this is a true, dull ordinary lifetime that I'm recording.

And that was another thought in listening to the old man; people want to be remembered. The Bible says our life is but a vapor, here today & gone tomorrow.

I think of all the loved ones gone before me, but I knew them; lived in their lifetime & loved them. Caleb was born long after parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles & so on had long since passed. Even my stories of them are like fictional characters.

I can relate to the old man; he seemed to be reaching out in desperation for anyone who would listen & remember.

I do believe everyone has a story to tell & a story worth telling. Although we think sometimes we are alone in whatever circumstance we land in, we aren't. There is always someone else who's been there, knows someone that's been there or are going to be there in the future. For a lot of folks reaching out is the hardest part.

Think about that next time you hear your spouses' story for the umpteenth time or your child is speaking to you & you keep doing what you're doing & nodding your head & gruttin "uhuh".

Yes, hand raised, guilty here!

Thought I was being so clever always telling Caleb I hear with my ears & I have two of em! But it's that some one's attention we want, we want them to SEE us. This may be the only time you HEAR with your EYES!

Most of the time I feel so overwhelmed by so much to do that there seems no time even for my family. And I have not been a very dedicated blogger. Usually I tell myself my best stories when I wake in the middle of the night.

I'm trying to do better, Lord knows I'm trying. I feel like He's trying to gently prepare me for something. After all, that's our purpose here on earth, to prepare for our eternal life with Him.

I find myself saying or thinking, wish I'da done or not done that when I was young. So I have to ask myself, will I ever need to remember WHAT I was doing when every one's life story was being told?