Monday, May 26, 2014

Time Flys When You're NOT Having Fun!

Now I know what a bad year feels like.

It was enough that I had been depressed since Halloween, but I was still muddling through life & routines of have to do's. Then this year hit!

Between the 3 of us (me, hubby & son) we have tried to outdo the other as to how sick we can get. Seriously, it's been so bad I can't believe six months have gone by.

First it was hubby having hallucinations & talking to dead people. He went for five days with no real sleep before I realized he wasn't gonna get any better. He doesn't even remember it. This was from his potassium & sodium levels dropping too low. He pulled out 3 IVs before a nurse thought to wrap the site with gauze to keep him from messing with it.

I couldn't leave him for a minute nor could I sleep either for fear of what he would do. I left him in a chair to go to the toilet in the hospital room & by the time I got back he had pulled out the 3rd IV, but hadn't gotten it out all the way & there was blood all over the room. I freaked out! I don't think anyone believed me when I told them how he acting until then.

Shortly after that, his doctor came in & stood him up & held him by both shoulders & talked to him keeping eye contact. He was fine for a few minutes. The doctor turned to say something to me & hubby went off into one of those hallucinations. The doctor ordered something to knock hubby out. I don't believe either of us would have made it through the night if he hadn't.

After his potassium & sodium levels got back to normal, he was fine. Another doctor had tried to make me believe it was Alzheimer's, but I knew better.

Then it was me having a bout of 48 hour stomach flu that lasted two weeks and I mean two weeks of not getting more than a few feet away from the toilet.

There's been 4 ER visits, 3 hospital stays, several falls (which are really bad for an old person), & all 3 of us are just getting over pneumonia. That's just the highlights!

I really want to find some comedy in all this, but I'm not laughing yet!

The pneumonia was awful! Caleb got sick enough in just a few hours that I had to take him to the ER. Then the next day was mine & hubby's turn. We went to our practitioner that Monday morning & she started us both on antibiotics, but was saying it was sinus infection. Of course, I got shots too! It weren't no sinus infection!

This was the weekend of a mystery illness outbreak in south Alabama announced by the CDC in Atlanta (5/19/13). Several people had died within hours of getting sick.

By Wednesday morning, hubby was in the ER & had to be admitted. The next week, I was getting worse & practitioner wanted me in the hospital, but I had to take care of hubby. But by that weekend I had wished I had listened to her.

With the rheumatoid arthritis I have, everything I catch is so much worse. I was so really dog sick for over a month & then all I could do was sleep for the next 2 weeks. I think we had the mystery illness, but I couldn't believe that most people at the hospital hadn't even heard of it!

I have to say & make myself believe, about the last 6 months; it could have been worse!

Don't remember why not long ago I revisited the Bible story about Shadrack, Meshack & Abendego, but I feel like it was to reassure me that when we get in the fire, God is right there with us. And even if the fire consumes me, He will still be with me & I with Him.

A little post script; today is May 25, 2014 at almost midnight. I have been silent since I wrote this post back about June of 2013 altho it will probably post with today's date. I hope to start back writing soon, but I rarely ever get on the computer anymore.

I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand (predominate) last November with less than good results. I haven't picked up a sewing needle or used sewing machines or quilted at all since. Keep telling myself I'm gonna get my butt in gear any day now. Just haven't been successful yet!