Monday, November 1, 2010

Life as Cookie Dough

This is only like my 4th blog post.  Got one from September not published yet and will continue Every 20 Years or So.  Still just a newbie.  And when am I suppose to post when there's just way too much info out there to consume.  I been reading some really good blogs.  Lots of interesting & smart people.

One thing I kinda noticed though when checking out other sites, whatever that blogger writes about is ususally the type of blogs they follow.  I found that interesting.  Surely people have more than one interest, one focus?  Surely I'm not in the minority of deversification?  But yet I see this over & over.  If it's a quilting blog, then most of the links are to other quilting sites.  If about horses, then most of the links are to other bloggers with an interest in horses.  Huuuummm....

Ok, so I got to thinking hard about this.  I've recently admitted to the fact that I'm a starter and not a finisher.  There, see I even put it in writing.  I enjoy doing handwork, sewing, whatever, but right now I'm calling myself a quilter.  Now is that because I have done many quilts or have started many quilts.

Carry this idea over to other areas of my life and I see the same pattern.  I start, but I don't necessarily finish.  I did finish the two courses I took in college though, but that was after quitting high school & doing basicly nothing for ten years, then deciding to go back to school.

As you can see from some of the blogs I follow, they have nothing to do with each other.  No common thread.  Where it seems these people have specialized focus, I am scattered.

Now whether or not one way or another is good or bad could be a question.  Maybe not.  Maybe more of an observation.  I quess I'm using this blog to sort of look at myself and the way I see things.  And hoping to make myself what I think to be a better person.

My life feels like it's been a big batch of cookie dough with chocolate chips and a drop is here and a drop is there and the chips are totally random.

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